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Posted on February 21, 2020

Marketing and Web Analytics Benefits of Checking Reverse DNS MX Records

As email delivery is critical to most organizations that do business online, ensuring the integrity and reliability of their mail exchanger (MX) servers and their corresponding records is of utmost importance. But why is that so?

Well, MX records identify the mail servers responsible for receiving incoming emails and determining the recipients of outgoing ones. An incorrectly routed MX record, therefore, can cause problems with email delivery because of a mismatch in the sender’s details, which could lead the email to be marked as spam or blocked. This can definitely affect a company’s internal and external communications, particularly its marketing efforts.

For these reasons, marketing and IT departments need to work together to make sure that their mail servers are properly set up with the aid of tools like Reverse MX Lookup. The application identifies all the domains connected to a particular mail server, allowing users to check if all of their Domain Name System (DNS) MX records point to the right server and are configured adequately.

This post tackles the subject in more detail, looking at how to address email deliverability issues by reviewing what may be wrong with an organization’s current DNS MX records.

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Posted on January 9, 2020

Doing a Regular MX Record Check Can Help Thwart Phishing Attacks

These days, sophistication seems to be the secret behind the most effective cybercriminal schemes. And those behind business email compromise (BEC) scams are just some of the perpetrators raking in millions of cash. Targeting email users remains an effective way for cybercriminals to cripple organizations and lighten their coffers with very clever ruses. In 2018, BEC scammers amassed US $1.3 billion from their victims, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

BEC attacks involve mimicking the victims’ executives or higher-ranking officials and trusted contacts from partner organizations and suppliers in emails to get them to part with corporate funds...

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Posted on December 2, 2019

How Can MX Record Lookups Protect Your Organization Against Compromise?

A mail exchange (MX) record is a Domain Name System (DNS) record that is required to deliver an email to an address. It identifies the mail server in charge of receiving incoming emails for a particular domain and where outgoing mails should be addressed from. In short, it is in charge of email flow. So, if your MX records are not routed to the appropriate location, you will not able to receive or send emails.

One way of ensuring the integrity and reliability of your MX servers is by using Reverse MX API. With it, you can identify all of the domains connected to each of your mail servers. That helps ensure that domain records are updated and servers are correctly configured.

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