Reverse MX Lookup shows all hosts sharing a mail server | WhoisXML API

Reverse MX Lookup: Identify the domain names with the same mail server

Obtain a list of the domains using the same mail server for asset recon, email optimization, and other use cases. Test our Reverse MX Lookup now. Download our product sheet to learn more.

50 Billion+Domains and subdomains
BillionsMX records
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14+Years of data crawling

Why use Reverse MX Lookup?

  • Complete for billions of domains and subdomains

    Our reverse MX lookup tool has access to a comprehensive database that contains information on billions of domains and subdomains and their MX records.

  • Readily available reverse MX results

    Each lookup reveals the number of MX records related to the mail server of interest and provides a list of all the domains connected to it, along with details on when their MX records were last updated.

Practical usage of a reverse dns lookup via a mail server

Check for Bad Actors on Mail Servers

Check for bad actors on mail servers

Sharing a mail server with a malicious domain can be detrimental to your organization’s reputation and can very well cause your domain’s inclusion in a blacklist. Use Reverse MX Lookup to get a list of all your mail server co-occupants so you can do thorough background checks on them. Make sure none of them are known spammers, phishers, or malware hosts.

Review MX DNS infrastructure

Cybercriminals sometimes get into target networks undetected by taking control of so-called “dangling records.” These can include MX records for subdomains that are left unprotected because they are no longer in use. Use Reverse MX Lookup to keep track of domains and subdomains that may have slipped into the cracks.

Review MX DNS Infrastructure
Safeguard Email Deliverability

Safeguard email deliverability

Being associated with a malicious mail server can result in email deliverability drops and hit your bottom line. Reverse MX Lookup can let you know about all new domains added to a mail server so you can identify and take further actions against bad online neighbors.

DNS Database Download

Enrich mail server data with comprehensive DNS database downloads

Our passive DNS database downloads are available in CSV files with all connections between MX or other DNS records and domains and subdomains for over a decade.

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